Online Fax Services
Monday, May 04, 2020 Charleston County Library

CHARLESTON, SC - A popular misconception is that using online faxing and fax machines are on the decline. However, the opposite is true. Fax usage continues to grow. In fact, according to a 2019 study from the International Data Corporation (IDC), one of the largest global market intelligence firms, 82 percent of survey respondents said fax usage has increased, while only 19 percent said fax usage went down. As long as there are hard, paper copies of documents, there will be fax machines, and many organizations will continue to see the fax as a trusted source of secure information exchange.  

One of the most well used services available at one of our local branches, the Otranto Road Regional Library, is the public fax service provided by Faxscan24 . Faxscan24 has been fulfilling the public’s demand for fax services in many public libraries and colleges since 1989.

Since all the branches of the Charleston County Public Library and most libraries in the country are closed due to COVID-19, Faxscan24 is providing their online fax service from any device. This online fax service is easy to use, reliable and can be paid for by credit card. The cost is $. 99 cents for the 1st page and $.49 cents for each additional page. For an additional $.49 cents you may choose to get a text confirmation regarding the status of their fax. If you choose to not get the text confirmation, you can always call Faxscan24 at 1-800-468-2748 for verbal confirmation or check the Faxscan24 website to view the status of your fax. Send Fax.

If you would like more information, assistance in finding more resources, tips on how to get the job hunting process started, or more, please reach out to us at CCPL by email, chat, or text. You may also call us at 843-805-6930, leave a voice message, and a library staff member will return your call. Remember, you are not alone.