Thursday, November 21, 2019 Charleston County Library

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Let's take a trip back into the past to check out how some Charlestonians celebrated Thanksgiving through a love of reading.

The Book Lovers' Club of Charleston was founded in 1927 by African-American women who wanted to create a literary culture and social improvement for African-Americans in Charleston. The club operared from 1927 to 1969, working to combat racism and sexism through community projects across Charleston. 

In one of those years, the club put together this "Gobble Talk" activity with a fill-in-the-blank poem, and the instructions to the "Going on a Trip" game. As the page reads, "let's have fun!"

Gobble Talk (Source: Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston)There was a fine young man named Gurkey
Who went hunting for a ______________

He possessed a need distressing,
For he yearned for a fowl and _____________

His trusty shotgun filled with head
Soon found its way to turkey's ______________

He mourned the turkey, but its loss
Delighted him with cranberry _______________

Now Gurkey frowned on sliced tomato
But he did like his sweet ________________

When in the oven Gurkey whiffed it
He thought it turkey, but was ______________

While peans and beans soon went to beg, 
Our Gurkey grabbed a turkey _____________

The teapot then began to sing
And Gurkey dived in for a __________________

Though Gurkey watched the others eat
He kept on gobbling good white ______________

With rolls that made the butter fly 
Duear Gurkey longed for pumpkin ____________

At last when all the diners puffed, 
'Twas Gurk' not turk' who then was ______________.