Wednesday, October 06, 2021 Charleston County Library

Now through Nov. 8, the Main Library is hosting an exhibit showcasing photos from the Post and Courier special report, The Greenland Connection: Climate Change from Greenland to Charleston. This report details how the melting ice in Greenland is effecting the South Carolina Lowcountry, from rising seas to heavier rains. Post and Courier Senior Projects Reporter Tony Bartelme and Photojournalist Lauren Petracca traveled to Greenland to research and cover this story as a part of the newspapers deep dive into climate issues facing the state.

Bartelme and Petracca worked with Josh Willis, a climate scientist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and head of the Oceans Melting Greenland project. Willis has been researching the oceans effect on the ice in Greenland for the past six years, and through this research has discovered that glaciers are even more threatened than once previously thought. Approximately 280 Billion tons of the massive ice sheet in Greenland melts into the ocean every year and about 15% of Charleston’s rising sea level can be connected to this melting ice.

As part of this special report, the Bartelme and Petracca held a lecture at the Main Library on Oct. 5 where they discussed their research and showcased photos from their time in Greenland. These photos are on display in the Main Library lobby now through Nov. 8. 

The Greenland Connection was made possible by generous support from the Pulitzer Center, the Fund for Investigative Journalism and The Post and Courier Investigative Fund.


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