Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) will be launching a new bookmobile in 2020! As part of that launch, the Outreach Department is evaluating all current routes and considering potential new stops. The mission of the Outreach Department is to provide equitable access to library programming, materials, technology and services to patrons outside the walls of Charleston County Public Library facilities, with a focused effort on reaching the vulnerable populations of Charleston County. The Outreach Department works to initiate, develop, and strengthen relationships in populations where library use may be otherwise minimal or nonexistent in an effort to ensure that library resources may benefit these communities both inside and outside of our branches.

If you or your organization would like be considered as a stop for the new bookmobile or if you would like to request our presence at a special event (either Bookmobile/Mobile Library or our Pop Up Library), please fill out the Outreach Request Form.

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CCPL provides outreach services through its bookmobile as well as pop-up libraries (CCPL staff and supplies).
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