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April - On A Walkabout

Brad Carroll uses deliberate lines and inclusive use of color to characterize the style of Brad Carroll’s oil and acrylic paintings. Any narrative on the subject matter in his work would be fluid, but structure is a common component. The son and brother of architects, Brad finds inspiration in the cheek-by-jowl placement of architectural and natural elements. The untrained, self-styled naïve painter found his teacher in Joan Miró's The Farm, a single painting that will continue to inform his style and approach. Here on a walkabout of our great planet are a handful of paintings that subjugate realism and offer an alternative idea of what strolling down the street and exploring the world can look like.


Schedule of Exhibits

January 2023

Cleo Wolff

Life Stages: A Patched Up Anthology

February 2023

Dayton Bryan Stone III

The Nature of Charleston 

March 2023

Sarah Ferreira

Broken Glass

April 2023

Brad Carroll

On a Walkabout

May 2023

Holly Blanchard

The Many Faces of Home

June 2023

Brittany Alston

Black Girl/Connection

July 2023

Kim Thomas

The Open Chapters of Plastic

August 2023

Sheryl Sabol


September 2023

Rachael Nerney

Edible Diaries

October 2023

Emilya Padlowski

Life in Art: Evolving Search and Experiment 

November 2023

Ginny Versteegen

Light and Color

December 2023

Stuart Tessler

A Sense of Place, of Time


About the Saul Alexander Gallery

The Saul Alexander Gallery provides space for juried solo or group art exhibitions at the Main Library, located at 68 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston, S.C.

Gallery Procedures

During the open submission period, artists may submit their applications and samples of their work to be considered for exhibition in the gallery. Once submissions close, the Saul Alexander Gallery Committee meets to vote on the submissions and select the artists who will display their work during the upcoming exhibition year. The works of each selected artist or group are exhibited for one month.