This Month at Saul Alexander: John Christopher Wright II

"Adorations’ Mélange"

The works displayed in this young artist’s exhibit represent various expressions of self, along with an assortment of portraits inspired by the person’s uniqueness, passion, tenacity, strength, and/or genius. Each piece of work is instinctively detailed with mediums of graphite, acrylic, pen and ink.

John Christopher Wright II is a junior in high school. His gift and passion for visual art were discovered by his parents; when, at age three, he drew an exact replica of Sponge Bob SquarePants. Since then, he has participated in various art programs and classes and won numerous awards and recognitions. His accolades include being selected as a participant in the Piccolo Spoleto Rising Stars Artistically Gifted Youth Showcase, having a mural he designed mounted in the entrance of his high school, and being chosen as the featured artist for Black Ink Organization’s Charleston African American Book Festival, in which his artwork was put on permanent display in the Main branch of the Charleston County Public Library.



About the Saul Alexander Gallery

The Saul Alexander Gallery provides space for juried solo or group art exhibitions at the Main Library, located at 68 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston, S.C. The gallery submission period for consideration in 2019 has ended. The open submission period for 2020 artists will open February 1, 2019. Download the 2018 artists booklet.

The works of each selected artist or group will be exhibited for one month. Artist submissions must include a gallery application, which is available online or by calling 843-805-6946. For more information, please email [email protected].

Gallery Procedures

The exhibition space serves as an avenue for the respectful exchange of artistic and conceptual ideas within a diverse constituency. Featured artists are selected by a jury of local art professionals, and the CCPL Gallery Committee selects artists and craftsmen on the basis of the quality of their work and its suitability for the space.


Schedule of Exhibits

January 2019 James Lawton Mountain
February kolpeace Resilient
March Women's Artists' Community & Outreach Free Form
April Mia Lassiter Faces and Places of Charleston
May Raven Greene New Moon Visuals
June Catherine Lamkin, et al. Come By Hyar: Songs of Resistance, Hope and Love in Honor of Black History Month
July Chelle Fazal Feathered Friends
August John Galgano Shot in the Face of Adversity
September Jane Ann Sweeny Woodcuts in the Lowcountry
October Michele Leone Eastside AS IS
November Dayton Colie Shared Circles
December Meryl Weber Broken Pieces

Previously in the Gallery

November - Olivia Beyer

Olivia Beyer's love of Edgar Allan Poe started at a young age: she studied his works in school and as a hobby. His connection to the Lowcountry has always held a place in her heart, as she was born and raised here herself. While attending the Art Institute of Charleston, her passion for Poe melded with her passion for art and design.



October - Robert Reed

Robert Reed's exhibition is dedicated to those in search of themselves. Even if the artist is lampooning reflection and self-absorption, it is in honor of the courageous who dedicate time to inner thoughts of peace and respect of domain while partaking in the age-old activity of fishing.





September - Group Exhibit

Local quiltmaker Peggie Hartwell has worked with Stratford and Summerville High School students to create the Voices on Cloth Fiber Art group exhibition, which introduces viewers to the creative relationship between artists and their stories as told on cloth. This visual dialogue of color and form examines the inner connection of images and designs within textile creations and allows viewers to meet artists in the shared spaces of mind and heart. 

August - Vik Hart

Below the Sky is a further exploration of an interconnected world that exists in Vik Hart's work. Abstract shapes and colors become natural features and the landscapes are designed to have an alien, yet inviting, sense to them. Vik wants to give each piece a feeling of continuous life. This is a world that is interacting with itself, and we're just seeing small glimpses of it, but we can infer more about this alien world from what is shown to us.