Registration now open for Summer Reading program

May 7, 2019

CHARLESTON, SC - Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) and Charleston County School District (CCSD) are working together to help students and children read more than ever this summer. This joint initiative is part of the library’s annual S...

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Searching for the History of the Gaillard Graves

May 3, 2019

The human remains discovered at the Gaillard Center construction site in February 2013 are returning to an earthly repose this weekend. As celebrations commence to honor those thirty-six people of African descent, let’s review the history of tha...

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Know Your PIN! New self-check kiosks make checking out materials even easier

May 1, 2019

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Charleston County Public Library is excited to offer its patrons a fast and convenient way to borrow materials!

CCPL installed new, upgraded self-checkout kiosks at Hurd/St. Andrews and Mount Pleasant regional libraries t...

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Abraham the Unstoppable, Part 7

April 25, 2019

In the climax of his dramatic story, Abraham’s efforts to bring hope to the garrison at Fort Loudoun ended in tragedy and despair. While assisting his comrades at Fort Prince George, Abraham dodged Cherokee bullets and flying tomahawks, and then...

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'Charleston Time Machine' named Best Podcast in City Paper's Best of 2019

April 23, 2019

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Thanks to everyone who voted for The Charleston Time Machine Podcast this year in Charleston City Paper's Best of Charleston. It's CCPL's first win ever, so it's a great feeling to find out how many people have become fans of ou...

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Street Cars and Trolleys on Sullivan’s Island, 1875-1927

April 19, 2019

Once a remote and desolate beachfront, Sullivan’s Island has developed into a bustling and chic destination since the first summer residents camped there in 1791. That transformation could not have happened without the aid of ferries, mule-power...

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Human Library reading list: Learn more about transgender issues and stories

April 19, 2019

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Lee Anne Leland, co-facilitator of The Charleston Area Transgender Support group and a former board member of We Are Family, spent Saturday afternoon in the Hurd/St. Andrews Regional Library auditorium sharing stories, challenge...

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Human Library reading and viewing list: Books and films documenting the Holocaust

April 13, 2019

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Joe Engel, a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp and member of the Charleston Jewish Federation, spent Saturday afternoon in the Main Library Auditorium sharing tales of survival, hope, and sadness from World War II and the...

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Abraham the Unstoppable, Part 6

April 12, 2019

Let’s return to the epic saga of the brave courier, Abraham the Unstoppable. Following the colonial army’s stinging, chaotic battle with the Cherokee in late June, 1760, Abraham carried devastating news back to the provincial government in Cha...

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Steamboating from Edisto to Charleston ca. 1900

April 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it was like to ride a steamboat from Edisto Island to Charleston around the turn of the twentieth century, before the arrival of the automobile? Today we’ll board the steamer Pilot Boy and make that journey with a you...

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