Cost Estimates for Construction Projects

System-wide Technology Upgrade  
Automated Inventory Control Systems Across the Network, including RFID tools for self-checkout $2,795,191
Renovations of Existing Facilities  
NORTH: Dorchester Road Regional (14,000 sqft, open 1992)  
NORTH: Otranto Road Regional (14,000 sqft, open 1992)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Main Library (104,000 sqft, open 1998)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Relocate Support Services to North Charleston (22,000 sqft)*  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Hurd/St. Andrews Regional (14,000 sqft, open 1992)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: West Ashley/South Windermere (6,540 sqft, open 1965)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: John L. Dart (6,585 sqft, open 1968)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Folly Beach (1,780 sqft, open 1941)  
EAST COOPER: Mt. Pleasant Regional (14,000 sqft, open 1992)  
EAST COOPER: Village (1,413 sqft, open 1948)  
EAST COOPER: Poe/Sullivan’s Island (3,596 sqft, open 1940)  
EAST COOPER: McClellanville (1,280 sqft, open 1965)  
WEST ISLANDS: Johns Island Regional (15,950 sqft, open 2004)  
WEST ISLANDS: Edisto Island (1,836 sqft, open 1931)  
Renovations Subtotal $26,524,797
New Construction  
NORTH: R. Keith Summey North Charleston (15,000 sqft, replaces Cooper River that opened 1948)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Baxter-Patrick James Island (20,000 sqft, replaces James Island location opened in 1978)  
CHAS/WEST ASHLEY: Bees Ferry West Ashley (20,000 sqft)  
EAST COOPER: Wando Mount Pleasant (40,000 sqft)  
WEST ISLANDS: St. Paul's Hollywood (15,000 sqft, replaces St. Paul's branch opened in 1975)  
Subtotal $93,670,964
Escalated Construction Costs** $13,468,755
Additional Engineer Personnel (Per year) $1,258,500
Grand Total $108,398,219

* Moves existing services out of high-value space at the Main Library to open that space for public use.

**Building needs and costs developed in 2012 by County/Library staff with external architect. Sub-Total estimates are in 2012 dollars.