From Referendum to Designs and Construction

Local residents overwhelmingly approved a referendum to build five new libraries and renovate 13 others in November 2014.

The first phase of the overall project involved soliciting community input for the five new library locations. One of CCPL’s top priorities during this process involved obtaining practical information from public library users. During fall 2015, community meetings were held in each region slated to receive a new library facility. Residents turned out in large numbers to share their opinions. CCPL staff, along with an architectural consulting team, compiled all the feedback received during this process. While similar comments were made at all locations, residents also shared wonderful stories about what makes each community unique.

Through a competitive process during 2016, the County decided to pursue a Design-Build plan for the design and construction of the new libraries. This means that the County selects a general contractor who then selects the architects for each project. The resulting design teams ensure that the final product represents each specific community and that construction consistency is maintained across locations for ease and affordability of future maintenance.

From this page you can view updated branch designs presented during community meetings, read to learn more about library construction projects, and get monthly status updates.

In the News

Building Referendum passes by nearly 3-1 margin

2014 Building and Renovation Plan

What's included in the plan?
Five new libraries will be built - two new branches in areas of rapid growth and three to replace outdated facilities - plus 13 existing branches will be renovated and support staff in the Main Library will be relocated to open up space for public use. A major focus includes upgrading technology by adding self check-out kiosks, more public computers and the latest equipment in public meeting rooms. In November, residents can vote whether to support the plan.

Why do we need to build and update our libraries?

  • CCPL’s last building plan was on the ballot in 1986, which means our busiest branches opened before the Internet.
  • The county’s population grew by 80,000 in the past 28 years and is expected to jump an additional 60,000 by 2020.
  • Huge new developments provide homes to thousands of residents in areas with no nearby library.
  • Branches don’t have the technology residents need to keep up with today’s lifestyle and communication methods.
  • CCPL falls below state service standards, and it’s getting further behind as the population grows.
  • Prospective businesses look at libraries to measure a community’s health, vitality and commitment to education.

What do libraries provide, and do people use them?

  • Libraries are community hubs with free meeting rooms and computer access plus programs and classes for every age group, from infants to retirees. Nearly 210,000 people attended CCPL’s 6,000 free programs and classes last year.
  • Since the 1986 referendum, CCPL’s circulation skyrocketed 278 percent with 3.3 million items checked out last year.
  • Nearly 75 percent of county residents have a library card, and an independent survey found 75 percent of local residents visited a CCPL branch in the previous six months.

How much will it cost?
Construction and renovation totals $108.5 million, which equals $11.20 annually, or 93 cents monthly, for a household with a $100,000 owner-occupied home. Projects will be completed in phases through 2020. Once completed, operating expenses will cost that same household an estimated $6.80 annually, or 57 cents per month.