Estimated Opening Date: First Quarter 2020

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Presentation: Bees Fery West Ashley

Location Features

20,000 square feet
An auditorium that can seat 100
A small meeting room and two group study rooms
An instructional room with 10 computer stations
A storytime room in the Children's area
A family restroom and a nursing room

The Latest from West Ashley

March 6, 2019 -- Will the new library sit in a hole? Is it going to have a super cool, secret basement for laser tag? What the crews are actually doing is removing all the unsuitable soils from the site before they backfill it with construction appropriate dirt. What makes the existing dirt worse than what will be added? Good question! It's because what's at the site now is too saturated or contains too much clay, so it won't support the weight of the building and parking lot over time.