Estimated Opening Date: Late Fall 2019

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Presentation: Baxter-Patrick James Island

Location Features

Adult, children and teen areas
An auditorium that can be divided into two meeting rooms (100-person capacity)
A meeting room/makerspace for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects (25-person capacity)
Small group study rooms
Outdoor areas
Learning Lab (Computer Instruction Room)

The Latest from James Island

August 5, 2019 -- Check out the cool carpet going in at Baxter-Patrick James Island! Lots of colors and wavy lines will make the whole space feel like it's moving. And don't miss those big green boards hanging from the ceiling. Those aren't Connect 4 board for giants; they're acoustic boards to absorb sound.

JAugust 5 -- With such a cool building, you didn't expect us to have just a regular, everyday sidewalk, did you? Of course not!

August 5 -- From the back of the parking lot looking to the building, we can't wait to invite you in for a tour! We're not quite ready yet, but soon...