What is Books by Mail?

Charleston County Public Library's Books by Mail service provides books, audio books, music CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray movies to people in Charleston County who qualify as permanently or temporarily homebound.

Interested patrons can also download and fill out the Books By Mail Program Application.

How does Books by Mail work?

Materials will be sent through the mail in a zippered nylon bag with a two-sided pre-posted mail tag. When the materials are due for return, the patron switches the mail tag to show the Charleston County Public Library address and mails the bag back to the library.

How does a person qualify?

Charleston County Public Library will send an application to those who want to participate in the Books by Mail service.

An application may be obtained through the following ways:

Call:      843-805-6881 to speak with a person or leave a message
Email:   [email protected]
Write:   4355 Bridge View Drive, North Charleston, SC 29401 
Attn:     Books by Mail
Online: Click here to complete the application.

Information is also available at all of Charleston County Public Library's branches and the Mobile Library.

Those who qualify for the South Carolina State Library's Talking Book Services for People with Disabilities will be referred to the State Library. Information about the Talking Book Services can be picked up at the Charleston County Public Library.